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Will Be Active Again Soon

Due to a lot of changes other the past 12 months or so, I have not worked on this project for some time. But as of the start of 2013 I hope to be back to updating this project. The aim for the end of Jan 2013 is to review the current state of the code and create nunit tests as well as create a road map for 2013.

Project Description

Simple .Net dll to provide functionality to read DBase files, written in C# targeting .NET 4.0.

The dll currently only supports DBase 3, 4 and 5 file structures.

Inital Version

The initial version supports DBase 3,4 and 5 but has only be tested with DBase 3. The library has limited set of functions in this initial release and does require some code refactoring which is ongoing.

This library was created for the purpose of reading data out of a DBase 3 database which table structure was preventing using conventional free and readily available drivers.

I hope to continue to improve, add functionality and in the future possibly support more DBase versions and some functionality beyond just reading data.

Beta 1 - Library and Test Harness.

DBaseReader and DBaseReader Test Harness binaries are two seperate dowloads, see the download page.

Source code for both are avaliable in the latest change set.

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